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Bar Solder and Related Products

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The quality of Kester bar solder is guaranteed by using high purity metals and strict quality control standards. Kester extrudes its bar to minimise oxidisation, limit segregation and provide a denser grain structure than cast bar. Kester manufactures bar solder to 3 distinct specifications. Each meets and exceeds requirements of QQ-S-571-F, ASTM B32 and IPC/J-STD-006. Kester Ultra-Low Dross Manufactured using the Ultrapure® process and containing the same metal purity as Kester Ultrapure®, Kester Ultra Low Dross is formulated with a special low dross additive which dramatically decreases dross formation on the solder pot. Lower dross formation decreases joint weakening inclusions in the solder, keeps surface tension low and decreases costly solder loss through drossing. Kester Ultrapure® Made by a special process which controls the inclusion of oxides and metallic and nonmetallic impurities, Kester Ultrapure® is the industry standard bar solder for use in high tech electronics applications where lower surface tension and hole filling ability are essential. The purity of Kester Ultrapure® far exceeds the requirements of QQ-S-571-F, ASTM B32 and IPC/J-STD-006. Kester E-Bar Designed for electrical, electronic and mechanical applications requiring bar solder that meets or exceeds the requirements of QQ-S-571-F, ASTM B32 and IPC/J STD-006. Kester 5744 Solder Saver® A chloride-free, inorganic white powder formulated to remove dross, which is the oxide of solder, from still solder pots and wave soldering machines. It does not decompose to sticky residues that are harder to remove than the original dross. The is low fuming and is stable at molten solder temperatures. Sold in increments of 10 lbs. Solder analysis program The Kester solder analysis program is prepaid method for solder sample analysis . It allows customers to document solder pot impurities for conformance to Federal specifications or ISO quality requirements. Customers purchase prepaid mailers and then simply insert a solder sample into the mailer and return it to Kester.


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