Enabling Technologies for Lead-Free Electronics Soldering

Tuesday, 12 August 2008 11:00

With over a hundred years of experience in soldering technology, Kester understands the challenges associated with the transition from leaded to lead-free soldering. Kester’s Lead-Free Solutions™ provides assemblers access to the most complete line of lead-free chemistries backed by our unsurpassed experience in soldering technology. Kester Lead-Free Solutions™ comprises of lead-free solder pastes for both no-clean and soluble assembly; wave solder fluxes, both alcohol and VOC-free, formulated for lead-free soldering; and rework and hand assembly compatible lead-free solders. Lead-Free Solutions™ also includes solder bar, solder preforms, tacky soldering fluxes, also includes solder bar, solder preforms, tacky soldering fluxes, solder spheres, and bumping pastes all designed to enable lead-free assembly. Kester recognizes the many changes required to effectively implement lead-free assembly reliably and without reduction in production output. Lead-Free Solutions™ also includes Kester's know-how to assist customers wishing to go lead-free. Training courses are offered to train personnel in lead-free SMT, wave soldering and rework. These courses bring practical knowledge and experience to the user, enabling the fulfillment of a company's training requirements and the rapid implementation of reliable lead-free assembly

Kester RoHS Ready Logo

Kester further continues its promise to a smooth lead-free transition by establishing a RoHS Ready logo. When this logo is included on Kester product data sheets, you can be assured that the product meets the requirements of the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Directive, 2002/95/EC Article 4 for the stated banned substances. Kester LEAD-FREE SolutionsTM - Products, Experience, and Know-How

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