Quality policy.

Wednesday, 06 October 2010 18:53

Anxious to satisfy its customers, ISOTOPE-ELECTRONICS has established a quality system based on normeQualifas prEN 9120.
Our Company specializes in marketing high technology products in the areas avionics, military and spacial, had to provide its customers with complete traceability of products delivered.
ISOTOPE-ELECTRONICS is qualified Qualifas (ASD-EASE European Association) since 13/09/1996 and has a policy of continuous quality improvement, continuing the training of its staff and the continued improvement of its infrastructure :
•    Store ESD IEC 61240-5-2 standard (Packaging DRY PACK, T & R, WAFFLE PACK).

•    Customer database network.
•    Commercial software package to monitor the traceability of each product.
•    Certificates of conformity provided.


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