RoHS Compliant.

Wednesday, 06 October 2010 18:31


Policy Management RoHS compliance:

ISOTOPE-ELECTRONICS designates RoHS compliant product only products that fully meet the compliance criteria set forth in the RoHS directive.


For all the information provided by manufacturers,
- Either this product does not contain substances in concentrations exceeding the values set by the RoHS Directive.
- Either this product contains substances in quantities exceeding the permitted levels mamimums but whose use is permitted for applications which are listed in the Annexes of the RoHS directive

No RoHS:

Based on information provided by our suppliers, this product contains at least one of the substances listed in the RoHS directive at a concentration exceeding the maximum.

No indication RoHS:

Products that are not subject to the RoHS regulations or for which we have not received any information suffiantes from our suppliers to confirm their conformity with certainty RoHS RoHS are mentioned without any indication.
Customers wishing to obtain a RoHS compliant product that is not designated as conforming may contact ISOTOPE-ELECTRONICS for equivalency.

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